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Dominion Building

This is one of my favorite perspectives of The Dominion Building. I took this first picture with my Pentax MZ-S and a roll of Ilford Delta 3200, the other two are done with my Polaroid SX70 and Impossible Project’s Silver Shade & Color Protection films.






Responding to an observation made by Kim about how we’d not yet photographed the infamous Shangri-La we found ourselves facing a new challenge- fitting the tallest skyscraper in Metro Vancouver into the 17mm Lens while keeping our unique photographic style. Another challenge we came across was how to get all 62 sheer glass floors to stand out against the clear blue sky. Between us we got quite a few angles of the Shangri-La, including some neat reflection perspectives. I can’t wait to return w/ a really wide angle lens, and maybe next time get some big puffy clouds up there in the sky.

Pitt River Dike

It was sunny & warm outside today, though the sky was a little hazier than i would have preferred. Venturing not to far from the apartment, we parked at the end of Hale RD. Taking several pictures of the mountains & junk in peoples yards that backed against the dike.