LDGphotoGraphic Arts is…

LDGphotoGraphic Arts is Nicole Langdon-Davies & Anthony Giesbrecht. Based out of Vancouver Canada we have been taking photos for ten years, we like both Film, Digital & Polaroid!

Creating Art using Photography -painting w/ the light & colour we see around us.

We offer all kinds of Photographic & Fine Art services, using both off camera lighting & available light we photograph Weddings, Family & Pet Portraits, Events,  Architecture -Exterior/Interior, & Automotive Subjects.

or have a look at our photo diary/sketchbook blog:


If you would like to contact us or share an idea please email us at:


photo by: Will Pursell


One response to “LDGphotoGraphic Arts is…

  1. Hi Nicole!

    I’m getting married on March 26, 2011 and I was wondering if you guys might be free that day? I’m working on a really tight budget…I’m marrying and having the reception at my aunt’s home in North Vancouver, with about 50 guests. I was wondering how much you charge and what’s included in that? Do you have an hourly rate or only package rates? Oh! and I’m Meghan’s old roommate…haha…we’ve met briefly before…I’m sure you remember me! You’re also doing my friend Katie’s wedding in June.

    I look forward to hearing from you!


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